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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth Disappointed.....
And it's not because Tris died (tho I do am upset about it).

The disappointments I've felt were caused by the following:
a bit HOW TRIS died -- I expected something much stronger, perhaps like how shocking Lelouch's death was in Code Geass R2. Then again, was her death even necessary? WAS IT!?
partly of Four's change of character -- he was just so infuriating once he was outside Chicago
the GD-GP shit -- idk, I thought some of the arguments were stupid... (and another rather personal issue: the GD acronym would take me a moment to understand because I'd subconsciously always read it as G-Dragon... I'm a kpop fan, okay? XD)
my high expectation -- the mysteries behind the experiment were mostly predictable and the book was boring compared to its predecessors
many wtf moments

UGH. I still love the series though, especially because of the first book.