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Golden - Jessi Kirby It's not the best, and, personally, it's somewhat something I've already seen played out in a movie/drama in my country; however, it has life lesson that is something I really need and relate to in life. It holds bits of parallelism with my current dilemmas as a confused college individual (even if the main lead is yet to graduate high school or has just). Altho bits, those bits are the ones that happen to matter most.
And it made me cry, not because of the tragedy. In no means did I actually feel that empathetic towards Julianna. I guess I'm that cold, or it's some of how I view situations in life... Morals and such. I cried because as I read it, I am also pondering my choices. God, it's just it hits right in the nail. The book is for me because I embody the worries and fears that Parker needs to own up to, things she need to face. But whatever, I'm gonna shut up now. I am just biased with Golden.

Actual Rating: 4.5 lol
Not to ruin the fun, but the ending would've been better had Julianna and Orion's story remained sad or something other than the open ending of them finally reuniting. We love happy endings, but in imparting life lessons, it would have been more compelling if things were left as it was before the phone call.
Also, I wish there were more Trevor and Parker. Them officially being part of my fave book otps, I wish for more screen time... page time for that matter? lol