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Entwined - Heather Dixon I'm still having doubts with my rating...

I picked this book up without really expecting anything, so I believe that was a nice outlook because it paved the way for me to simply enjoy the dancing, magic and the lightheartedness of the entire reading. Some parts felt like they were dragged too long and perhaps I just disliked some of the sisters -- mostly Delphinium and sometimes a bit of Bramble.

I've to admit I was craving for more Clover and minister Fareweller moments. I liked this pairing the best, but then again, something about their age bothers me even if I can't recall the latter's. Was Fareweller's age even mentioned? And uhm, aren't like majority of the girls paired up with the guys wayyyyyy younger? AHHHH

Anyways, it lacks a some fluffiness for my princess-y taste, but it's also a lighthearted read... So it's an okay book to kill time.