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We Were Liars

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart This is about a girl named Cadence--whose name should actually be Cadense--and her darlings, the Liars. They were Liars. The Liars.

The girl has migraines and does not (like to) suffer fools--a variation of meaning--but was stupid herself, made a stupid proposition, and stupidly executed the stupid plan which led to something tragic. She has selective amnesia due to the trauma of what her stupidity caused. Her stupidity was the great reveal in the story. When you think about it, there were actually two twists: one of past's truth and the truth of the present summer seventeen. The former was acceptable, the latter I dislike.

So the book was okay. I liked it...sort of. The first three portions of the book were boring, so almost like Cadence, it felt like migraine whenever I get annoyed. I enjoyed it mostly only because I guessed the supposed mindfucks. However, I'm more disappointed that I did. Even so if I haven't, We Were Liars was still a let down for all the hype.
That is all. I'm gonna shut my whiny mouth now.