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Unhinged  - A.G. Howard Oh gosh, the unending confusion brought by the manipulations, lies and secrets from the past of the characters makes the title of the book perfect! Unhinged. Crazy. Mad. AHHHH I enjoyed Unhinged tho I would choose the setting of Splintered any day. I miss the insane, bizarre world that is Wonderland.....which is why I'm very ecstatic to know that Ensnared will have a creepy setting! :D

The love triangle drama annoyed me at some points, especially with the trust issues with Jeb at the beginning. Here, Alyssa FINALLY succumbed to her madness, which I loved! Seeing her try to distance herself from her netherling side and avoid Wonderland took majority of the plot, and that was yet another annoying thing. Thank goodness the ending redeemed the book for me, same goes with the existence of my favorite character, Morpheus. He's the main reason why I eagerly go on with this trilogy and why despite the flaws, I still don't end up hating the books. :)
Team MOTH-MAN all the way! <333