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The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater 3.75 stars? Maybe 3.85 even. I don't know.

The Dream Thieves was great. The characters, the new characters, new otps (Mr. Gray and Maura), the twists, the tension (almost yaoi haha), the mystery, the magic... Heck, it's a confusing story but it's not that hard to live with. (The manga Pandora Hearts is more complex and more fucked-up than this one, you know.) However, The Raven Boys was more enjoyable. The Dream Thieves was lacking some Glendower adventure. This is more centered with Ronan's development as a character -- his secrets and sexuality -- but I wish there were also more Noah appearances, and Blue x Gansey interactions.

Anyway, some readers claim to believe that Artemus, Blue's father, might be Glendower, and I think that's plausible. BUT I have this hunch that DICK GANSEY is the real Glendower. Okay, probably not is completely, but could even be was or will be Glendower. Time is circular in the ley line. Anything is possible with the Raven Cycle. The whole story even appears to me as some sort of parallel metaphor.