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Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins Edit (10/18/13): It still frustrates me how I seem to belong to the minority -- those who didn't like this book. UGH. Perhaps I need to reread it when I'm in a happy mood. I really want to like it. T__T

WOW. One word is all I need, really. And by WOW, I meant: Thank God, I was able to finish the torture--book.

It was not a bad book. It was actually funny and fluffy (which were the reasons why I picked it up), but the teenage angst frustrated me so much I had to take reading breaks to calm myself. And this is a biased opinion: I'm not really fond of lead roles paired up with someone who's already taken no matter how likable or hot the two persons are together. I just can't, unless it's fanfiction where the characters are canon and are my OTPs. lol