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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I believe"Just three words long" stands for either I LOVE YOU or NOTHING EVER ENDS. But I really want it to be something like I'm Coming Back although it is very impossible to have things normal again... T__T

This book just gets me, you know. At first I gave it 5 stars, then the next day -- I kept thinking about it -- I settled for 4. The book turned out to be so good than what I've expected, and -- thank God -- it didn't annoy me one bit. I just feel like compared to the other books I've rated with 5 stars, Eleanor & Park isn't really that in power with them so.... yehp, 4 stars. I'm really hoping for a sequel and I don't care if it happens to be NOT under YA.

And oh, I pictured Kim Jinhwan as Park in my head. lol